Congratulations to our new batch of travel agency owners!

We want to congratulate our new batch of affiliates for the month of September 2018! We're delighted that you were all able to complete our comprehensive training programs and seminars!

What We Do

We are an all-in-one company that accommodates full service Travel Agency, Consultancy and Resource Center based in the Philippines. We build rapport, motivate, and empower aspiring travel entrepreneurs to build their own travel agency business by providing them an extensive and intensive training about travel agency operations, management, and marketing.

What We Can Do For You

Let our travel business experts, consultants, and speakers, Mr. William Amorsolo and Ms. Sharon Perez lead the way through our seminars, trainings, and consultations so you can get an overview of our business. For it is important for us that you understand the value of putting up your own travel agency before you invest your hard earned money.

How We Can Help

The moment you successfully finished the training, we guarantee you that we will provide and give the assistance that you need as a start-up travel agent. Being an official affiliate of The Travel Depot, we ensure that your travel agency business will continue to progress and change the lives of other aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their travel business dreams into reality for with Travel Depot; your dream is our success.   

Featured Affiliate of the Month



An inspiring mother and daughter story, which turns a bad experience into a moment to remember, as they decided to enter the world of travel business. This wonderful story started off when Merilene and Shekainah attempt to go through the DIY or Do-it-yourself booking. Little they didn’t know that these kinds of procedures will be a trap for them.

As they recover from this shortcoming, they’ve found out exactly how a travel agency works. Through the assistance of Sir William Amorsolo and Ms. Sharon Perez as they empower and share their heartfelt experiences to the people with the same passion as them, Merilene and Shekainah’s perception towards travel agency abruptly changes and they were able to feel a thorough, hassle-free and reasonable travel experience a person could ever have. Definitely, it is really a moment to remember!

Kapag mag byahe ka with the assistance of a travel agent, yung travel mo ay safety, cheaper and organize. Alam mo na yung mga places na mapupuntahan mo.” Merilene mentioned.

“Nabura yung stereotype ko na kapag mag book ka through a travel agency, mayaman ka. Luxurious yung mga trips na gusto mo pero nung nandun sa training it’s honest and true.”

“To Ms. Sharon and Sir William we thanked God for letting you in our lives para mag share ng mga experiences and knowledge niyo para maging magaling kami na travel agents dito sa industry.” said by Shekainah from August Batch 2017 of Cebu City.


  If you want to know more about our affiliates and their stories, stay tuned for They Chose They Spoke. Be empowered, Be inspired, BE ONE OF US!

News And Updates

Travel Depot at DTI Philippine Trade Training Center!
Join in the fun of doing what you love! The Travel Depot has helped more than 1500 travel agency affiliates to build their own travel businesses! BE ONE OF THEM!
Travel Agency Business Seminar in Manila!

Learn how to start your own travel agency business today! Book a slot now! Come and listen to the travel business experts! We are also the only copyright holder of the How to Put Up Your Own Travel Agency Business seminar! Check out below for more details!


The 7th Annual Homecoming
of Travel Depot and Affiliates

We want to thank all of the people, our affiliates, tour operators and travel suppliers, media partners, and our supportive sponsors for coming at our grand celebration, A Masquerade Dream of Travel Pleasure, last December 8, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas! Indeed, all of you looked so majestic in your masks, ball gowns, and suits! Over 300 attendees were present to listen to speeches from our sponsors and testimonial from our Outstanding Affiliates! Many travel prizes, and exciting freebies were given away to our attendees! Our beloved sponsors gave away many special minor prices and major raffle prize including a round trip ticket to London! See our photos of our most memorable night of the year!